Dark Desire collection

     The opening of the most predatory and daring collection of our brand.
     The Dark Desire Collection is the effect of our designers’ fascination with the more mysterious and darker side of eroticism. It confronts taboos and does not tolerate compromise. In the collection you will find echoes of inspirations coming from the works of erotic literary classics, such as of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Marquis de Sade, as well as works from much closer to us times: the graphic oeuvre of Guido Crepax, the Christian Grey trilogy by E.L. James. In the collection you might also find influences of the Japanese bondage art Kinbaku.
     The collection addresses both lovers and enthusiasts of refined erotic practices, and those who desire to try something new or forbidden and do not fear to experiment. They will find stylistically various sets that stand out with the perfect and unconventional patterns that are suited to the character of the more sophisticated erotic practices. The black colour emphatically highlights simple and elegant forms and shapes. The flexible fabrics sensibly model the silhouette. Every single set means a fresh, modern proposition that composes of plenty stylistically combined elements. Accessories such as silver laces, spikes, bangles, pins are adjusted to every single set and make it look even more attractive and individual.
     Every set is a separate and coherent stylisation, which emphasizes the virtues of feminine body, and in the same time it leaves no doubt about who it is addressed to and to what kind of play it is dedicated. Those who prefer an explicit kind of emanation of their sexuality expressed by the choice of clothing that highlight a person’s taste will find numerous offerings.
     Daring, modern and original style, comfort, the bindings of various fabrics such as artificial skin, nets, tulle, laces, silver coloured ornaments – all this makes the haunting Dark Desire Collection sets which meet the tastes of the most demanding enthusiasts of predatory lingerie.

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