Mistress collection



     Mistress Collection presents another face of the demoniq brand.
Stimulating senses,
Sensual ...
     All these expressions perfectly define its nature, climate, and accurately define the women to whom it is addressed ...
Creating it, we were guided primarily by the will to emphasize the sensuality of a female body that can inspire, delight, provoke the search for new emotions. We also want to bring out and redefine the beauty of the world of more adventurous games that are full of mystery and a kind of charm.
We have prepared for you unique products, distinctive in appearance, presentation, comfort and durability. Each set is a coherent, unified proposal, which fits into the intriguing world of domination.
     The beauty lies in the different faces of erotic expression. More and more often we are becoming convinced that crossing certain barriers that until recently seemed to be something not to be exceeded ... becomes a delightful journey into unknown lands. Curiosity inspires, stimulates the imagination, which ignites the senses ... and they ... need different stimuli. Our Mistress collection inspires - looking at every woman in any set will ignite the senses of everyone who will be able to admire her and at the same time get a thrill when he realizes who has the power and dictates the terms in this magical moment.
     Each set of Mistress collection has been prepared and addressed to women who love to break barriers and taboos, and highlight their own, imperious tastes through the selection of dresses and underwear. Perfectly accentuated silhouette, shiny blackness, full of bright, metallic reflections, silver, metallic additives, red lacing ... The Mistress Collection will satisfy even the tastes of the most sophisticated people.
Convenience and user comfort of each set will also be appreciated. The selection of elastic materials and excellent profiling make each set a very good fit to the body, emphasizing its line, directing eyes to attractively accented buttocks, hips, breasts.
     We put particularly great emphasis on highlighting the beautiful lines of a woman's body, while focusing on its most sexy parts. Therefore, you can admire the deep necklines exposing the breast shape, displayed encouragingly for spanking bare buttocks and hips, additionally invitingly underlined by sleek lines of black thongs.
We also wanted every product to have attractive, fit within the character of the collection, pictures, as well as beautiful and durable packaging. We have obtained the result exactly of what you and we have expected. You will receive from us a creatively designed product, very well made of high quality materials. The packaging delights and encourages to further explore the demoniq brand.
     The brand, which explores the different facets of eroticism, and invites you to experience the thrill of crossing the boundaries of imagination.

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