maGnetic exclusive lingerie collection - NEW 2017

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The maGnetic collection is much more than just lingerie. It is a great combination of feminine sensitivity and wild imagination.

G perfectly captures sensuality with this irresistible power of demoniq.

The maGnetic collection tells intriguing stories through sensual shapes, surprising situations and wonderful moments that you will never forget. Situations that offer unforgettable memories and moments of grand passion and sheer elation.

It inspires you, it makes you open up to new experiences, to embrace intense feelings, to satisfy your desires and dreams, and to share them with your loved one.

Each set has its own story to tell, while the whole collection tells one sensual story, but the two of you have to write the ending to this story. This collection makes you try something new, break barriers which are there to be crossed to discover the overwhelming beauty and charm of extremely intense emotions, becoming embedded in your memory. With your magnetism lingerie, you will fully enjoy amazing feelings and truly exciting moments.

The maGnetic collection stands out with its stunning black lace and golden details, delicate black tulle details and elastic black “wet look” fabrics. However, the black metallic “wet look” fabrics were not used to highlight the wildness of our sets.
We approached it in a funny way …
This time the main part is played by beautiful black and golden lace, whereas the shiny “wet look” perfectly complements the lace details and highlights their subtlety.

When creating the maGnetic collection, apart from making each set delight with its unique design, it was equally important to us to focus on your comfort, and that is why we used super soft fabrics. We also used these elastic and stretchy fabrics to make sure each set fits perfectly your body, beautifully showing off your curves and edges. To give you even greater comfort, we applied special adjustable fasteners for the bras, corsets and garter belts. The bras are underwired.

Apart from comfort, we also focused on durability. Therefore, every hook, every eye and every fastener is made of metal. All key details affecting the durability of the sets were strengthened by using special stitching. The fabrics used to make our sets are durable and resistant.
Therefore, each and every maGnetic set delights with its electrifying beauty and makes you feel comfortable and confident in any situation.

Some sets are offered in Premium versions which include additional products perfectly complementing our basic sets. We know that every little detail makes a difference. So we took great care of all details.

Be maGnetic at your home….

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