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Warranty:Warranty: 24 months
set includes: bra, shorts


The set includes:

Predatory, perverse, full of energy, as well as refinement sexy ... Sandra set leaves no doubt. If till now you have not got the courage to try something new, surprise your new look - now have a great opportunity.

Sandra set has been made thinking of you, if want to express your energy and highlight the excellent shape of your body in modern and drawing attention lingerie. It stands out visually stunning and excellent quality materials such as: mesh with large eyes like "cabaret" with matt material type wetlook. Besides the obvious visual qualities of these materials, they are also characterized by a pleasant touch and a perfect fit to the body, thanks to the addition of elastane. Bra gracefully reveals breast and on the back surprise visually interesting composition of the black rubber bands. For your comfort, bottom on the perimeter was reinforced black by wetlook, and the sides stiffened with whalebone.
Thanks to this bra looks impressive, it emphasizes the shape and appearance of the breast, is comfortable and easy to fit. Bra included Sandra looks impressive and spectacular, but it is predatory shorts are the essence of this set. Low state appears appetizing hips and upper buttocks. From the front, matt wetlook perfectly match the body, reveals hidden under the black fabric shapes, on the back mesh a "cabaret" reveals and highlights the shape of the buttocks. The extra spice is given by strap on your hips with a silver spike at the front. On the back strap connects to the shorts vertical line running between the buttocks. This connection at the back gives the effect of a thong established under shorts.

You can be sure that every man who will be able to admire you Sandra set will be under great and prominent impression.


Flexible and resilient material - synthetic leather and mesh - a perfect fit to the body

Metal-ons - wheels, controls in silver - durability, visually appealing and matching set
Shorts connected with string with a metal spike at the front - the effect of predation
Bra - adjustable shoulder straps, back clasp one gradual - the comfort and easy to fit
The sides of padded are underwired - comfort and good look

Colour: black
S, M, L, XL, XXL

Ingredients: 95 % polyester, 5 % elastane

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