LILIANE - black set - sizes: XL,XXL
LILIANE - black set - sizes: XL,XXL
LILIANE - black set - sizes: XL,XXL
LILIANE - black set - sizes: XL,XXL
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Warranty:Warranty: 24 months
set includes: bra, figs.


The set includes:

The Liliane set - light, nice and cold-heartedly sexy at the same time.
It’s for you if you value the comfort of light, convenient lingerie and you like to emphasize the beauty of your body.Liliane includes a bra and briefs. Each of these elements was made of the same, high quality fabrics and in coherent style. Thanks to this, they make a perfectly matching set that will make you look stunning and elegant but also cheerful. The remarkably beautiful bra sensually underlines the neckline. This result is achieved thanks to the spectacular display of the lace and braced cup. For your comfort and better adjustment, the clasp in the back is two-step.
The briefs complement the bra perfectly. Made of elastic, black mesh, they are tactile and fit your body finely. The decorative embroideries in the front are eye-catching.

Static laces with spacious embroideries - spectacular and elegant looks.

Flexible and stretchy fabrics with elastane - perfect fit for the body
Tactile fabric – comfort
Braced bra profiled with underwires - comfort and spectacular looks 
High quality fabrics - comfort and durability
Adjusters matching the width of the straps - spectacular looks and comfort
Bows in black - spectacular looks
Adjustable shoulder straps - comfort and better body fit
Multistage bra clasp - better body fit - comfort and spectacular looks

Colour: black
Available sizes: XL, XXL
The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane